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Announcing the All New iRock


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Hello Operator… Connect me with Steve Jobs right away…

So, I left work the other day and forgot my cell phone. Most days I’d probably notice this, at least by Noon, but on this day, I didn’t notice until late afternoon.

I’m not sure it’s that big of a deal – I mean I have a phone in my office, but I mostly like having it for the commute back and forth from home/work.

So, despite it not really causing any problem, I still got that weird “gosh I forgot something” unsettled kinda feeling – the one I usually get when I forget my watch.

That, by the way, and ironically, is the older version of forgetting your phone, since for most Generation X, Y, Z’ers a cellphone is a timepiece – and I think maybe the only timepiece they own.

But, I digress.

I forgot my phone and felt, uneasy, for a moment or two.

I drove home, uneventful, and chatting to no one.

Once here, I went to drop my stuff in my home office as I do every day, and what did I find – the iRock.

Daughter Jesse heard Joie say I forgot my phone, and in her spare time during the day, designed and manufactured the next big thing in phones.

You can see, it is stylish, sturdy, and quite compact. Not to mention, dense.

I’ve been trying to call a patent attorney on it, but can’t seem to get through.

Seriously, it was a fun thing to come home to, and it is reason #463,217 that I love my kids.

Thanks Jesse! You rock. :)

Jesse’s Tooth


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This is as good a test as any for posting here from Flickr.

I’m still really happy with Flickr – though not an avid user.

I just paid for a Premium membership though, so expect more photo streams!

On this stream, Jesse finally bucked up (with coaxing from her older brother AJ of course) and yanked that tooth. I’m sure it was dead and barely hanging on. Didn’t even bleed.

Fun stuff, but kinda sad – that’s the last of the “first” lost teeth we’ll have here in the Bartel household. :(