Aunt Jemima ad with recipe for Bacon Strip Pancakes

Aunt Jemima ad with recipe for Bacon Strip Pancakes

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Mmmm… making these tomorrow – gotta try ‘em!

Seth Godin: Quieting the Lizard Brain

Powerful message from bestselling author and entrepreneur Seth Godin about finishing what you start.  Original post here from


Before & After: Old Truck

My friend Annalivia has a great photoblog site where she’s been showcasing before and after work using Photoshop.  I loved looking at the things she’s done making her great photos even better.  This inspired me to tinker a bit as well.

I chose a shot from sledding in February at Joie’s Uncle’s ranch. To the left, you see the top photo, which is the original file, the bottom is the photoshopped file.

The knockout / cropping here is shoddy, but not bad for :15 or so of work. I munged saving my file, so probably won’t redo this more crisply on the knockout, but aside from that, pretty happy with it!

129 Zipgun Gloucester Gluck

129 Zipgun Gloucester Gluck

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Someone I know has started signing off in their email messages to me as “Zipgun Gloucester Gluck”.

Since I’ve no idea what that is, I Googled it. That didn’t help me much. It did leave me to this cool photo illustration.

Enjoy – and if you know what Zipgun Gloucester Gluck means, let me know!

No Facebook?


So, I’m in Boston, at a reasonable hotel – the John Hancock Conference Center. The WiFi for rooms here is busted – understandable to some degree – these old buildings must be tough to retrofit. That said, I have a signal booster or hotspot on the wall *right outside my room* yet I can’t get on the network. Ugh.

So, I’m in the business center. Fine. Aside from not being able to sit here in my skivvies if I want… I do my work email, etc… and then I go to check facebook – uh… what? No Facebook allowed? Why?

Maybe it is just too late but I don’t get it. It isn’t an adult or offensive material thing. Bandwidth maybe? Hmmm… I’ve heard of no wifi, or wifi trouble, but selective filtering of social network sites – is that customer friendly? Sorry JHC, I probably won’t be coming back. That’s just weird.